What do fashion sewers do?

What do fashion sewers do?

The fashion and sewing industry is one of the occupations that always has a place in society, both in terms of position and income. It is a suitable field of study for many young people, but there are still many who do not understand this profession. This article aims to help you understand more about the fashion and sewing industry.

A fashion sewer is someone who can complete a garment from design to cutting and sewing. Some of the main tasks of a fashion sewer include:

  • Working with customers to decide on the material, color, and style of the garment
  • Pricing the garment (labor and materials)
  • Measuring the necessary dimensions of the customer
  • Drawing, cutting, and sewing the garment pieces
  • Hemming, attaching buttons, adding zippers, or adding decorative details to complete the garment
  • Adjusting garment errors or changing it to the customer’s request

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